SHERIFF / In Development

Our original inspiration for this piece were the real life experiences of women living on the Mexico/US border who stepped up to become Sheriff of their towns after all the men had left, or been wiped out by the vortex of violence. They dreamed that they could build something better, a different future. It didn't always work out...

But this is not about Mexico. It’s about all of us. Us and our losses and how to start rebuilding when everything is broken.

It’s a project that we’ve been developing for some time… always exciting, always surrounded by brilliant artists and collaborators, always inspirational, but it is only now that the pieces are starting to fall into place. It’s very exciting.

In early April 2019 we are going to test out some new material; real, solid material. For the first time in our partnership, Carolina has been focusing on writing, building on all the work we’ve done on the piece in the past - it’s taking shape and is very different to anything we’ve done before, but with a sensibility that has run through all of our work.

Two women and a man tell the story of Sheriff, a tale of life at the edge.

“I pick up the police radio. I talk to you like I normally do, like I have been doing for all these years.”